Twenty five years of independence and 15 years of democracy, Somaliland is widely praised for its dynamic nascent democracy in a troubled and turbulent region which the international news report terrorism, piracy, anarchy and dictatorship. With the apparent success and maintenance of peace and stability, flaws lie in the hybrid democratic system envisaged to help the people to reach their potentials in a free and open society where democracy and human rights are the core guiding principles.

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Historical, cultural and tourism cities play major part in conserving and realizing value of our heritage, physical heritages, landscape and cultural heritage.

If people protect and value their cultural heritage they understand who they are and where they from, but in the contrary if they destroy and neglect their ancestral heritages and physical heritages they lost their historical identities.

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Cycle of Droughts: Natural Disaster or Manmade Catastrophe?

Somaliland, located in the Horn of Africa, is a semi-desert land with minimum rainfall in two rainy seasons, Dayr and Gua. The latter is expected to give more water in March to May every year. Majority of Somaliland people live in rural areas with livestock, and few with farms, particularly in the western regions and Sanaag region. Livestock export is the main source of income. Tax collected from Berbera Port is 70% of government budget. The population of Somaliland is roughly 3.5 million. Continue Reading

CPA: Public Conversation on Judicial Reform

Habeenka Kasmo Wadaag (HKW) is a sequence and continual debate event with  the purpose of giving space for the public to dialogue and discuss issues and matters  affecting  and  impacting  their  lives  such  as  social,  Political  and Economic Issues. It is an open debate where panel chosen from government authorities, academicians, CSO’s and expertise in the area of preselected topic or policy. The audiences are given an opportunity to question and comment freely on the subject of the event. Ample time is dedicated to the spectators. Continue Reading