Habeenka Kasmo Wadaag (HKW) is a sequence and continual debate event with  the purpose of giving space for the public to dialogue and discuss issues and matters  affecting  and  impacting  their  lives  such  as  social,  Political  and Economic Issues. It is an open debate where panel chosen from government authorities, academicians, CSO’s and expertise in the area of preselected topic or policy. The audiences are given an opportunity to question and comment freely on the subject of the event. Ample time is dedicated to the spectators.

Public Conversation on Judicial Reform

Over the last six months, Prof. Adam H. Ali Ahmed, the chairman of the Supreme/Constitutional Court as well as the Chief of Justice has restored the reputation of the judiciary after he had created confidence among the Judiciary and the public where trust was lost for the last 20 yrs. He inspired confidence with the people after he has implemented a tangible judicial reform and vowed them that “no one will no longer be above the law, but equality of justice” the chief of justice began by winning this confidence after he has made the removal of the most complained judges from office, appointed new judges, and registrars mostly women. And also stopped illegal monies taken from the people during their hearing cases.

Since the Judiciary is implementing an enormous judicial reform, and civil society is reliable with this new actions improving the judiciary, people need to get more information on this reform and contribute to their views. CPA organized its HKW to give space between the judiciary and the people to exchange ideas, views, share experiences, discuss and ask questions on this issue, where the Chief of Justice \ chairman of the Supreme Court  who is leading this reform was invited to HKW.

The objective of this event was to create mutual understanding among the people and the current Judicial Reform, and to give space to the judiciary and public to meet and academically and honestly examine practical solutions and consultations that contribute the judicial reform headed by Prof. Adam H. Ali Ahmed, Somaliland’s chairman of Supreme Court as well as Chief of justice. It was hosted to inform the people on this new judicial reform.

At the event, the Chief of Justice Prof. Adam presented to the participants in the current judicial reform and challenges he handled.

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