Center for Policy Analysis (CPA) welcomes the agreement reached by the three National Political Parties to end the dispute over the Guurti’s decision on the extension of Presidential and Parliamentary terms during the National Consultation Dialogue chaired by Somaliland’s VicePresident H.E Abdirahman Abdillahi Saylici. The parties agreed on Presidential and Parliamentary election to be held in December 2016.

To end the dispute over the Presidential and Parliamentary term is important to the country’s peace and stability. We are congratulating all the involving parties and stakeholders on their role to get a final solution to the dispute.
The House of Guurti, constitutionally, has the power to extend the Presidential and Parliamentary tenure in terms of delays based on the constitution. We are recommending to the House of Guurti to consider the electoral timeline agreed by the National Political Parties in order to end the dispute and continue the national duties.
Any further delays or to postpone the elections once again, can harm Somaliland’s democratic process, its relationship with the International Community, its reputation as well.

CPA is recommending to all election stakeholders to help the National Electoral Commission to hold the elections on time and create a platform which can make suitable elections to be held as it was intended.

We are recommending also, the stakeholders abide by the constitution and the election laws in order to get free and fair elections, held on time.

Hibak Ibrahim CPA, Executive Director

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