Historical, cultural and tourism cities play major part in conserving and realizing value of our heritage, physical heritages, landscape and cultural heritage. If people protect and value their cultural heritage they understand who they are and where they from, but in the contrary if they destroy and neglect their ancestral heritages and physical heritages they lost their historical identities.

This is matter exist in Zeila historical site (s), because all physical and cultural heritages were destroyed civil wars, mater of elate immaculateness or archaeologists activities those who investigate the history of that sites.

This article identifies how Zeila is neglected either government or its community. It would point out brief historical background of this place and how it is valuable, because the theory of heritage conservation people preserve their ancestral and historical heritages.

The article also dig out and reveal other problems which are treat and challenges to the people in Zeila at present such as lack of infrastructure, weak of health service and educational institutions. The article would also give a message to the government and other concerned stakeholders.

Please Read the Full Article here: Zeila Neglected Historic Site
Ibrahim Khadar Saed
CPA, Researcher